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Mountain Bicycle price in Bangladesh

Bicycle is one of the most useful machines that human being has ever been invented for communication. It is handy and healthy simultaneously. It is a very simple means of communication. If you are young and energetic, having a bicycle ride will be perfect for you. Especially if you are living in a megacity like Dhaka. In this city, every day you have to face a lot of traffic jams. To avoid this jam, a bicycle ride can help you. When you are planning to have a bicycle, many questions may arise in your mind i.e. what is the best bicycle brand in Bangladesh, or Which is the best bicycle brand in Bangladesh, Which company of cycle is best. Mountain bikes are most popular among young people. A mountain bike is built for off-road. So, they are strong, long-lasting, and lightweight. So, popular mountain bike brands in Bangladesh are Veloce, Trek, Duranta, Phoenix, Upland, Camp, Hero, Atlas, Bianchi, etc.

A mountain bike or mountain bicycle is a bicycle designed for off-road cycling. Mountain bikes share some similarities with other bicycles but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain, which makes them heavy. However, mountain bicycles are more popular in Bangladesh than any other type of cycle. Here we are going to represent some mountain bicycles with configuration. We will disclose mountain bicycle prices in Bangladesh and later on, we will compare the price and quality. So, let’s start…

Veloce Mountain Bicycles

Veloce is not just a Bicycle brand! It is the ultimate mix of art that comes from the most technically sound minds in the cycling industry. We specialize in designing and manufacturing all categories of bicycles and assure to meet the taste of every Bicycle Enthusiast.

Veloce Outrage 603 Black Blue

Veloce Outrage 604 (2021)

  • Price: 22000/= BDT+5% VAT
  • Details

Veloce Outrage 605 Black Orange

Veloce Outrage 602 BLACK RED

  • ৳ 16,000.00/= BDT+5% VAT
  • Details

Veloce Outrage 601 BLACK ORANGE

  • ৳ 14,000.00/= BDT+5% VAT
  • Details

Veloce Legion 50 BLUE

Veloce Legion 50 BLACK-RED

Veloce Legion 40 BLACK-BLUE

Veloce Legion 10 BLACK-RED

Dear visitor, these are some popular veloce mountain bicycle price in Bangladesh We can see the price of  veloce mountain bike starts from 13500tk in this amount you can buy Veloce Legion 10. If you like little bit premium version like Veloce Outrage 605, the price will go up around 28000tk . There are some other brands in the market. They also have mountain bicycles. So, let’s see a comparative price list of some other popular bicycle brands available in Bangladesh.

Bianchi Mountain Bike:

Let’s see some Mountain Bike from Bianchi Band.

  • Bianchi JAB – market price: 57000tk
  • Bianchi Camaleonte 5 – market price: 85500 tk
  • Bianchi Camaleonte 2 – market price: 58000 tk
  • Bianchi Camaleonte 1 – market price: 51000 tk
  • Bianchi Kuma 5300 – market price: 51500 tk


Duranta Mountain Bike

  • Duranta Gravity 26: cycle price: 10120 tk
  • Duranta Mountain Bike Gladiator Cycle Price: 9515 tk
  • Duranta Mountain Bike Power Cycle Price:  8295 tk
  • Duranta CB MTB 26 Xavier R Cycle Price: 16464 Tk





Camp Mountain Bike

Camp is another most popular mountain bicycle in Bangladesh. Here we’re presenting some camp mountain bike that you may like:





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